Make Your Own Shirt

How To Make Your Own Shirt

So you’re wondering how you can Make Your Own Shirt right? simply follow the five steps below get the most out of the design process.

Step 1) Wait for the design tool to load.
It usually takes just a few seconds before you can start to Make Your Own Shirt, however loading times depend on your internet connection.

Step 2) Choosing from our printable shirts
Once you’ve loaded the designer, simple click the Choose Product button in the top left hand corner of the designer tool and pick from our wide selection of shirts to Make Your Own Shirt . Alternatively, you can visit our products page to see our full range of products. We reputable print compatible shirts like AsColour and Sportage brands l brands like . Once you’ve clicked on one of the shirts, you’ll see more details about the shirt. If you are happy with the details and description of the shirt, simply click the Change Product Button to select the shirt and start the design process!

Step 3) Design Your Own Shirt
Finally you can start and Make Your Own Shirt. Using the Add Text, Add Art or Upload Image buttons on the left hand side,  customise your designs and take advantage of each colour to help personalise tshirts. Test your designs by playing around with different coloured shirts, by changing the colour of your shirt using the options on the right hand side, under the Products option tab.

Step 4) Choosing Sizes and Quantities
When choosing the size of your shirt, you might want to click on the Size Chart button on the left hand side of the design tool and see our size guides. When selecting quantities, navigate to the right hand side of the design tool, under the Product Options and you will see sizes. To select the quantity you’d like, simply fill in the box corresponding with your size. So if you’d like 10 medium shirts, then simply fill in the medium (m) box with the number 10, and leave all the other size boxes at 0. If you’d like 1 small shirt, 3 medium and two large, then simply fill in the boxes with the number of quantities. Remember if you don’t want a certain size, you need to leave the box for that size blank or 0.

Step 5) Checkout print and delivery
Once the you have finished the above four steps to Make Your Own Shirt, click the orange Buy Now Button to add your t-shirt design to cart. Go to your cart by navigating to the navigation menu bar at the top of the page, and click on the shopping cart which is located at the top right hand corner. There you’ll see a summary of your order. If you’re happy with the quantities and sizes in the cart summary, simply scroll down and choose weather you’d like a regular delivery or an express delivery. Once you’ve checked the delivery option, click Checkout and fill in your details, including a your contact details and a shipping address for the delivery. Once you’ve filled in your details, simply pay with Paypal or a Credit Card, and you’re done. Leave all the processing, preparing, printing, finishing, packaging and delivery for us to take care off!

If you’d like more info about the printing process or if you need help with anything, simply contact us at